Mushrooms Quartz
Mushrooms Quartz
Mushrooms Quartz

Mushrooms Quartz

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Benefits: Unlike the objective of our Gua Sha (which massages us while providing a high lymphatic massage), Derma Roller (which reactivates our skin cells through acupuncture), Beauty Bar 6000 (which revives skin cells), our Mini Mushrooms of Quartz is in account with an ideal size and shape to provide the most relaxing massage on our skin and the muscles of the face. Additionally, they optimize the penetration of active ingredients in serums, reduce muscle tension and tone.

Material: rose quartz stone

Form of use: It´s key to put them in a bowl with ice so they will be cold and thus reduce inflammation and tone, or run them through hot water if we want to relax any part of the body where we have muscle tension.

See attached video.

Use it with: Moringa, Calendula, Pomegranate, divine elixir

Presentation: two pink mushrooms

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