Eyelash Serum

Eyelash Serum

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Using natural ingredients can be a great alternative to chemical-based products, as they can provide similar benefits without the potential negative side effects.

Some common natural ingredients used in lash treatments include castor oil, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, and aloe vera. These ingredients are known for their moisturizing and nourishing properties, which can help to promote healthy lash growth and reduce breakage.

When using a natural lash treatment, it's important to follow the instructions carefully and be patient, as it may take several weeks or even months to see significant results. Additionally, it's always a good idea to patch test any new product on a small area of skin before applying it to your lashes, to make sure you don't have an allergic reaction.

Ingredients: Castor Oil (Organic), Lavender Essential Oil (Organic), Rosemary Essential Oil (Organic), Clary Sage Essential Oil (Organic), Cedarwood Essential Oil (Organic).

Form of use: Remove makeup and apply moisturizer or facial serum. Apply 1-2 coats to lashes and/or eye brows depending on areas needing hair growth, support to further strengthen lashes at the base, apply serum to your finger and rub into lash line at upper eyelid.

Caution: Avoid direct contact with eyes and rinse thoroughly if direct contact occurs.


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