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Skin Tools Kit

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  • Acupuncture derma roller, has a double function, with the tip we locate acupuncture points to relax the nervous system, with the roller we activate circulation and support the application of deep hydration oils.
  • Microneedle derma roller activates collagen production, improves the appearance of the skin when there are acne scars and blemishes and minimizes expression lines.
  • The high-frequency beauty bar stimulates collagen and elastic production, has a relaxing and tightening effect, works like passive gymnastics on the muscles of the face. I use it to support hydration and make a lifting effect on the skin.
  • The ice roller is the ice roller with which I tone, deflate the skin, minimize redness, puffy eyes or skin changes, it is a soothing par excellence.
  • The guasha, its size, has a shape that allows it to adapt to the contours of the skin, has an immediate lifting effect, detoxifies, helps smooth wrinkles, contours the face, improves the complexion, helps lymphatic drainage, reduces fluid retention. and detoxify the skin, reduces bags and dark circles, stimulates circulation and the vital energy of our face and neck. Relaxing firming rose quartz mushroom.

Form of use: See videos corresponding to each tool

Use it with: Moringa, Calendula, Pomegranate, Divine Elixir.

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