Anti-aging Kit

Anti-aging Kit

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Benefits: Our Mist is made of three powerful ingredients that promote the health and beauty of the skin. Sandalwood and geranium have antiseptic effects, exert a fortifying effect, calm when there is inflammation or irritation. Roses hydrate, soften and refresh the skin.

Guasha: Its sizing has a shape that allows it to adapt to the contours of the skin, has an immediate lifting effect, detoxifies, helps smooth wrinkles, sculpts the face, improves appearance, helps lymphatic drainage, reduces water retention, liquids and detoxify the skin, reduces bags and dark circles, stimulates circulation and the vital energy of our face and neck.

Royal Jelly helps to recover moisture, elasticity, fight wrinkles and some types of blemishes, works positively above all to combat signs of premature aging.

Ingredients: Each capsule contains 334 mg of freeze-dried royal jelly (equivalent to 1000 mg of royal jelly) in a base of soybean oil and lecithin. Capsule composition: gelatin, glycerin, titanium dioxide and water.

ALLERGEN: Contains soy

Form of use: Moisten your skin with the rose, sandalwood and geranium mist, then apply half a vial at night before going to bed, reserve half for the next use. Following this, start doing the facial exercises with the guasha

Precautions: Asthmatic people, or allergic to derivatives of bees do not use, read warnings.

Presentation: 30 capsules, 1 Guasha (colors and material of the guasha may vary), 1 bottle of rose water.

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