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Benefits: Our Oil Skin Control Kit contains a variety of products to have a complete routine during the day and night, it´s designed for sensitive skin prone to breakouts.

* Black Soap Aloe Vera: it´s a great ally when it comes to cleaning the skin as it helps us eliminate excess fat.

* Aloe Vera Calming Mist is a moisturizing agent and contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

* Soothing Serum that has soothing and softening properties. Our calming serum helps calm, refresh and balance the skin. It´s a comprehensive anti-aging serum that helps eliminate redness.

* The Rose Clay Mask Cleanses, purifies and removes redness from the skin.

* Ice roller helps tone and tighten pores.

* The Derma Roller helps to stimulate, regenerate and improve the appearance of expression lines and scars caused by acne.

Form of use: Clean the face with the Black Soap, apply the aloe vera tonic, apply three to five drops of calendula oil, and roll with ice.
The Derma Roller should be used once or twice a week, and the rose petal mask twice a week or when you have Redness (ideally, mix it with rose water, sandalwood and geranium, or our aloe vera tonic).

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