Royal Jelly / Jale Real

Royal Jelly / Jale Real

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Royal Jelly helps restore moisture, elasticity, fight wrinkles and some types of spots on the skin, it works positively special to combat signs of premature aging. Its constant use will provide your skin with important nutrients that will keep the skin softer and more elastic thanks to the presence of water, proteins, vitamins A, B, C and E; lipids and minerals such as iron, zinc, sulfur, calcium, magnesium and antioxidants.

Ingredients: Each capsule contains 334 mg of freeze-dried royal jelly (equivalent to 1000 mg of royal jelly) in a base of soybean oil and lecithin. Capsule composition: gelatin, glycerin, titanium dioxide and water.

Form of use: Apply half capsule at night before going to bed with damp skin (Rose water, sandalwood and geranium), reserve half for the next use.

Precautions. Attention: Asthmatic people, or allergic to bee derivatives do not use, read warnings. ALLERGEN: Contains soy.

Use it with: Rose water, sandalwood and geranium

Presentation: 30 capsules.


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